hadesbabe (hadesbabe) wrote in sca_horse,

question- choosing baronial champ at upcoming event

I'm stewarding and marshaling (is that a verb?) at an upcoming event (Crystal Chamfron VI, June 3-5 in Wood River, IL, plug plug!) and the baroness has said she wants to choose a baronial equestrian champion there-- but that she wants me to come up with the criteria for the choosing.  I would *really* like to do something besides the obvious "high score wins."  I'd like it to incorporate elements of everything horses in the SCA represent-- chivalry, teamwork, grace, companionship, pageantry, etc.  And since that's way too tall an order, I'm at a loss....

So I'd love to hear thoughts on what points to include in the criteria.  Anybody have any ideas?
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