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Training for SCA EQ Games

Greetings All...

QUESTION: What do YOU do to train your horses for SCA EQ Games?
QUESTION: Whast are YOUR favorite SCA EQ Games?

#1: For me my Lady and our two Mustangs...pretty much EVERYTHING we do can relate to success and fun in the games. Our mustangs are new to us as of September 2009. We do lots of desensitizing to all sorts of things. We introduce the various "weapons" we use. We make noise. We move fast around them. Heck, we even have fighter practices in the pasture! Nothing sounds like armored fighters in their (the horses) world. We work on sensitizing them to pressure, yeilding of the five body parts and being supple and light. All those skills are needed to be successful and have fun in the games.

#2: For Jolene and I the RIng Joust seems to be a favorite. We have been working on speed contol in various gates and getting the gates to be as smooth as possible to allow better accuracy with the lance. Smokey and Alloria seem to be getting on with the heads. Smokey likes the turns. The heads comming of their supports doesn't phanse him. So far, so good.


Vis. Richard de Camville, KSCA, OL, OP
Kingdom of the West
Principality of Cynagua
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