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Look...the SUN

We've had a week of snow and rain.
No power, no water, no heat. Major un-fun-ness! Had to repair fences in the rain yesterday.
Seems one of our horses "pushed" the other into the hot tape which led to a "ow-ow-ow" retreat and bolt by the "pushee".
Again...un-fun-ness. Wondered why the looked so guilty yesterday.
But today the sun has peeked its head throught the clouds.
The house is warm. We have the ability once again to take hot showers.
Life is good.
We are gearing up for the holidays and 12th Night.
We are also gearing up for our Combative Arts/ A&S Day on january 23, 2010 which is being hosted at our place.
We'll have a great fighting track and a great A&S track which will include some Horse 101 stuff!
Should be a good time!
Hopefully things dry out today to the point where we can work the horses.
We were really making progress on yielding the forequarters last week. Other exercises were working out well too.
Hate to lose that progress.
I see a "Skills Review" session coming up!

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