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Downunder Horsemanship Clinic Wrap-Up!

The Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship clinic was very educational, inspirational and fun! Lots of information and techniques were presented. Clinton “takes the mystery” out of improving your self and your horse. Educational, inspirational and just plain fun is how I would describe the clinic. We took LOTS of notes. Once those are transposed I'll try to post the highlights here to share. I think that no matter what your personal riding/training level you can always learn something new, something more effective and something different that will improve your understanding of horses and partnering with them. Clinton seems to be very approachable, warm and friendly. Not a “diva” by any means. That was nice. You could tell he and his team really care about what they do and really care about people improving themselves and their horses. Being a quarterhorse fan I was blown away by Diaz, Clinton’s gelding. What a beautiful and amazing horse! You could just tell he loved his job and loved all the attention the attendees gave him. He was darn near bomb-proof!


We had a chance to hang out with Mistress Yaasmina and some of her friends on Saturday. We got to swap horse stories, talk some SCA and generally get to know some really awesome folks! We got to see pictures of Dreamriver Ranch, an amazing place for kids and horses Yaasmina and her business partner have created. I think we’ll have to make a trip up to see it first hand soon (grin).


Reno was fun (how could you not have fun in a city like that). We stay at the Grand Sierra. The room was HUGE! Had dinner there Saturday (at the resort). On SUnday we hit the FREAKIN' HUGE buffett at the Atlantis Resort. Awesome. I am still "over fed and under exercised" at the time of this writing! The clinic was amazing! Looking forward to doing it again. I think that one of Clinton’s 5 day clinics at his ranch is going to be in our future. We will be applying his method more fully with our mustangs. it was good to see that we were doing things pretty correctly to start with and now we have the tools to improve the job we have started.  I know…nothing worse than a new convert (grin).

Perhaps next year we can organize another field trip like this. It was good to be able to share the experience with friends, chat after about what was learned and talk abut how we can all approach our relationship with our horses in a new and fun way.




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